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Illuminated Channel Letters

Individual 3 dimensional letters, customized to fit any specification. Each letter has an individual structure and separate illumination resulting in a highly visible sign presentation.
LED channel letters are the most common type for today’s standards. Neon is no longer the preferred illumination method as LEDs provide more longevity and higher quality illumination.
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Pylon/Ground Signs

Provides a distinct focal and visual point to a plaza or business. Ideal for multi-purpose buildings with multiple tenants.
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Fascia Signs

Illuminated fascia signs otherwise known as sign boxes can be either single sided or double sided. Commonly made using translucent acrylic with custom vinyl graphics applied. Fascia signs are then either mounted directly onto a wall or flat surface. These aluminum sign boxes can then be illuminated by LED or fluorescent lights.
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Halo Lit

Opaque or painted faced lettering is accented with rear lighting to create the infamous "halo" glow. Halo Lit signage, otherwise known as ‘reverse channel letters’, provides a distinct and memorable approach to your brand or image. Halo lit letters are often utilized by clients who value a prestigious image.
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Illuminated or non-illuminated, custom built using canvas or vinyl materials.
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Pierce Cut & Push Thru

A push thru sign product is designed for those instances where the text would be too small to create a channel letters and creating a sign box loses its effect. When making these signs a metal sheet has lettering cut out of it and clear acrylic replacement with a small lip is “pushed thru” the opening. This panel is then fastened to a shallow sign box and illuminated with LEDs. A translucent film can be placed on the face of the acrylic letters to create a channel effect. An opaque vinyl can be placed on the face to create more of a halo lit letter effect.
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Interior or exterior use, illuminated or non-illuminated. Identifies the name of a business or points of interest with your building.
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